Seshet “The Total Package”
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Seshet “The Total Package” - Naturally Lyfted


Here it is ! , A full bundle kit of our Vegan Skin Care line.  The full Price of this Set is $225.  
but we are pricing it at $180 !!

This package Includes :

•Gia “Luxury Facial Polish”

•Yemaya “Luxury Face Soap”

•Eden “Luxury Body Scrub”

•Origin “Seamoss Charcoal Face Mask”

• Balance “ Seamoss Tumeric Mask” 

•Alchemy “Luxury Facial Serum”

•Oshun “Luxury Face Toner”

•Aura “Luxury Body Butter”

Steps to Clear Skin..

Using Seshet Botanicals


Tools needed

•Clean Towel or Paper towel

•Cotton Pads


How to use Our Product ! 


Damp face with water and  lather hands with Yemaya ”Facial Seamoss soap“ rub soap into face in a circular motion for 1 minute.



Rinse Face. Then choose one of our Facial Mask! Our enjoy all three in the following order. 

-Gaia “Facial Polish”  

-Origin “Seamoss face mask”.

-Balance ”Seamoss and Turmeric”

Leave Mask on for 20 minutes. Then Rinse.

Note! “ Origin” can be staining, to help remove use “Yemaya” to remove excess product. 



Take Oshun Face Toner and a Cotton Pad while whipping the skin Gently. Don’t forget your Neck!



MOISTURIZE ! Use Alchemy our Luxury Facial serum. 3-4 Droplets on your face Rub lightly and pat serum into skin.




You can do steps 1, 3, 4 as a daily Routine.

Step 2 can be Done once a Week!


We can’t Wait to see your Glow !






  • Yohimbe
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Tila
  • Seamoss


  • Take 2 capsules in the AM/ and PM


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