Cold and Cough SyrupCold and Cough Syrup
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Elderberry Syrup - Naturally Lyfted


Cold and Cough Syrup

   If you’re looking specifically for elderberry supplements that can be easy to add to your daily life, this lightweight elderberry immune syrup can be just the support you’re looking for. Served by the spoonful, this all-natural syrup is going to be the sweet support for cold and flu season. Elderberry benefits are dedicated to immunity and a stronger body all season long.

   Whether it’s a little one that needs a bit of extra support or the elderly that can use a bit of extra strength, immunity support is essential on a daily basis. You’ll find that this handmade and all-natural elderberry immune syrup offers all of those vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to each user in an easier form than traditional elderberry supplements. Taken regularly, its powerful nutrition content can help fend off colds and flu. It also promotes a faster recovery because the elderberry benefits aren’t just in preventative immunity but support for your immune system in all ways.

  • Lightweight daily dosage of elderberry immune syrup for kids, adults, and anyone else that needs a little extra support in fighting off a common cold
  • Elderberry benefits include a high antioxidant level and rich vitamins dedicated to helping your immune system flourish
  • Better than capsule elderberry supplements because it is easy to take by the spoonful and tastes great



    • Yohimbe
    • Sarsaparilla
    • Tila
    • Seamoss


    • Take 2 capsules in the AM/ and PM


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